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At the Student Art Show 2019. 15 December 2019.

Fund total







(as of 2021)

I. VSA Youth Art Foundation


Amount raised for the VSA Youth Art Foundation. This money is used to plan, organize and fund future events. It is also used to fund VSA Scholarships and another awards.

II. Fort McMurray Wildfires


The 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire was a terrible tragedy. With the help of students and partners, we contributed $6,622 to the Canadian Red Cross's Alberta Fires Response.

III. The BC Children's Hospital Foundation


Our combined contributions to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Each year, our annual student art show includes a fundraiser that donates its proceeds directly to the foundation.

IV. The Vancouver Aquarium


The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, including many of our public educational attractions. This amount was raised in 2020 as part of VSA's "Save the Aquarium" event, which was donated to the aquarium.

V. VSA Scholarships


Getting into a good university is only the first step. We know how hard the rest of the journey can be. That's why VSA gives each graduate a farewell achievement scholarship to help them get started.

Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our Vision

The mission of VSA Youth Art Foundation is to improve access to educational opportunities in art, while promoting the importance of visual art learning both locally and internationally. The foundation has supported VSA Studio's event organizing for over 5 years.

We love; therefore, we care. As a group of visual art learners, we acknowledge that the choices we make are capable of significantly impacting others. So, no matter big or small, we hope that these steps we take forward will create real differences in individual lives.

We are a community of teachers, parents, volunteers and community leaders with a passion for artistic development. Education requires investment, and we want to help make sure that young artists are equipped with the resources they need to excel.

Let’s Work Together

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9002 Oak Street, Vancouver BC Canada V6P 4B9


Phone: (604)-288-0008



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