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Our events and initiatives have two main priorities:


a) To support both crucial causes worldwide as  well as our local community.


b) Empowering our students to lead the              contribution process.

We at VSA believe that everyone can do something to help. We also believe that leaders are made through doing. That's why we encourage our students (and parents!) to participate in every step of the event design process, from cause selection to role assignment. Join us in supporting the next generation of artist leaders!




Students and teachers created and donated a collaborative art piece to the Vancouver Aquarium. Guided by online classes, students created individual artworks that were then combined into one larger piece.


The annual student art show, held at the University Golf Club. Student artwork was featured and auctioned as part of a fundraiser for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. 


A cheer-filled celebration, held at the UBC Asian Centre. Food, music and, of course, art were featured as part of a fundraiser for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

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